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J2I Development   18 Rue des Tonneliers  60129 GLAIGNES  FRANCE
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J2I Development :
35 years of experience in  the Motor Capacitor Field

J2I Development serves the motor capacitor market, worldwide, offering a large range of services to motor capacitor manufacturers, OEM purchasers, R&D laboratories, quality departments...... :

- Capacitor Testing, Failures analysis,  Compliance with standards (UL, VDE/IEC,.....), Design for new application
- Testing devices and Test Equipments,  Production equipments.....
C o n s u l t i n g    T e s t i n g
a n d   E q u i p m e n t s   f o r
   A C   M o t o r   C a p a c i t o r s
Capacitor Testing

J2I Development has the ability to test all types of motor capacitors according to international standards (EIA, VDE/IEC...) or to any specific requirements :

-  Electrical tests (life, vent*, insulation...) at any ambient temperature (from -20°C to 120°C).
Any duty cycle* or specific test conditions can be considered.
 - Mechanical tests : terminals, vibration, case design, construction and assembly.

 Rush Test * :
For manufacturers or users who needs an evaluation of the capacitors in a shorter time than the 4 or 5 weeks needed for a traditional "accelerated" life test, we have defined a series of tests we call "RUSH TEST" that gives accurate indication of the quality and suitability of the tested capacitors within 5 working days.
So,  a complete analysis of the submitted capacitors* can be obtained within one week from the begining of the tests.

* Only for motor start capacitors, metallized film or electrolytic
CT  Series:

A new line of measuring devices for testing AC motor capacitors under AC voltage.

              CT-20 : Cost efficient "plug and play" measuring device for checking motor start capacitors under AC voltage, displaying at                the same time  : Capacitance, voltage, power factor,  frequency, current , with 2 optional alarms
             CT 30 :  CT-20 Functions suitable for motor run and motor start capacitors
             CT-40 :  For implementation in testing or production equipments
Any need in testing is specific :
 Please contact J2I Development Engineering to define the most optimized solution for your applications

Testing Devices

To answer a very common unmet need, J2I Development has developed measuring devices specifically designed for AC motor capacitors in order to avoid inaccuracy, incomplete data, even mistakes generated by digital multimeters.
With the CT-xx Series, cost-efficient “plug and play” testing devices, and a complete line of flexible equipments for monitoring electrical tests of AC capacitors, J2I Development can answer almost all your needs in testing AC Motor Capacitors.

J2I Development supplies all equipments needed for the completion of electrical tests  :
  • Test monitoring for electrical tests (mainly life tests) for up to 12 capacitors
  • Auto transformers 0-400 Vac
  • Oven
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